Coach Michael

Michael was doing parkour back in the ‘80’s, before it was a ‘thing’; his background in gymnastics and martial arts made him a natural.  His inspiration was the godfather of parkour, Jackie Chan.
He began coaching bootcamp-style classes almost 15 years ago on Vancouver island.  Over time, this endeavour grew into working with numerous parks and rec programs, various schools, and several youth initiatives, including the RCMP sponsored drug prevention program.
By the time the Kleyn family moved to Penticton in 2018, Michael had vision for an exclusive parkour gym, which was finally realized in Jan 2020.  His standard of excellence has made the gym what it is today.
When not at the gym working on a new project, you might find Michael in a hot tub, going out for wings night, sleeping in a snow cave in the mountains with his kids (not wife🥶), or getting beat by his wife in pretty much any card game.  His arch nemesis is cold water.


Heather is responsible for pioneering the ‘behind the scenes’ at Ethos Parkour, and makes the business management and administrative world go ‘round.  She is the friendly person on the other side of the email, text, or phone call, or, on Saturday mornings, the front desk😊
When Heather isn’t creating an invoice, responding to an email, or getting caught up with Quickbooks, you are likely to find her attending too many fitness classes, sitting in the hot tub with Michael, playing soccer, going for coffee with a friend, washing dishes at home for hours, or spending time with her family💙

Coach Luke

We are so blessed to have Luke at our gym as lead coach!  Although he is unlikely to mention it, Luke is one of Canada’s top parkour athletes, having placed 5th in the recent world competition in Vancouver last summer.  He regularly shocks us with seemingly ‘impossible’ movements, inspires his students to excel, and has an amazing gift of breaking down skills for his students to understand.
When Luke isn’t climbing around the gym, you might find him cliff jumping, hunting small creatures with his homemade sling shot, hanging out with his wife Bree, creating random additions to the gym, or swimming in the lake with his cats.


Rachel is a godsend to Heather in the administration and management side of the business!  We love her energy and creativity – she is a go-getter and we are impressed with what she has done with our social media platforms and marketing projects.
When she isn’t responding to emails or creating the next media poster for Instagram, you may find her: off-roading in her Jeep with her husband, paddle boarding in an Okanagan lake, spending time with family.

Coach Selah

We so appreciate all Selah does to make our parkour camps AMAZING!  When she’s not racing around the gym whipping dodge balls at the boys, you might find her paddle boarding on Skaha, playing piano in her room for hours, star gazing on a clear night while camping, or spending too much money at the mall…😬

Coach Gideon

We love the energy Gideon brings to classes, camps, and birthday parties! When he’s not swinging around with the buds during youth open gym, you might find Gideon winter camping, stomping on opponents on the rugby field, jumping in the frozen Lake Okanagan on a dare🥶, or squeezing the oversized family cat, Princess.

Coach Kye

Kye is the child whisperer at the gym; the kids love him!  Kye currently has a waitlist for Behavioural Intervention clients, and he primarily teaches the 6 and under classes.  When he isn’t hiding dodgeball ‘Easter eggs’ for the littles, Kye might be found in the local boxing ring feeding his opponent punches🥊, snowboarding, hanging out with friends at the board game cafe, or swimming down the channel searching for random treasures.

Coach Elisha

A mythical animal that rarely appears at the gym, Elisha has been spotted on occasion during the odd parkour camp…you might otherwise find him skiing up at Apex, working on his sports car, or snuggling with Pancakes the lion head bunny.